You are currently viewing Common natural ways to attain Penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement in few simple ways.

Some men goes for penis enlargement simply because they think, women are not satisfied with small size penis.

But sometimes some women don’t even care about whatever the size of their partner’s penis.

You can attain penis enlargement through 5 simple ways, such as:

  • Penis pump exercise.
  • Kegel exercise.
  • Massage exercise.
  • Jelqing exercise.
  • Stretching exercise.

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1. penis pump exercise.

Penis enlargement by pump

Penis pump is attached to the penis to achieve immediate erection. The pump basically is a stretching device which also helps in enlarging the penis.

This pump is usually prescribed to the people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

2. Kegel exercise.

Penis enlargement by kegel exercise

Kegel exercises are the best option during the time of your sexual intercourse. This is also a kind of messaging exercise in which you are supposed to gently rub your penis with one hand.

It helps in increasing the size and thickness of the penis. You should stop the rubbing if there is an erection.

3. Massage exercise.

Penis enlargement by massage exercise

In this particular exercise, a doctors usually recommended lubricant should be applied on the penis skin and massaged gently.

This exercise helps in stretching the skin of the penis which leads to the enlargement of the male reproductive organ.

4. Jelqing exercise.

Penis enlargement through Jelqing

Jelqing is the most common exercise usually recommended to men for penis increase and enlargement.

In this exercise, the men are required to place both their hands on the penis and gently move them from top to bottom.

This procedure helps in thickening of the penis. Doctors recommend doing this exercise at least once daily for quick results.

If you have an erection during the exercise, you should immediately stop and wait for about five minutes to let the penis relax.

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Sometimes your lifestyle habits can affect the size and growth of your penis, leading to anxiety problems and negative body image issues. So continue reading……

things you should not and should be doing for your penis enlargement goal.

Take a warm shower.

A warm shower can aid in increasing blood flow to not only your body but also the penis. The warmth of the water aids in augmenting blood flows into the organ, enabling the growth of the penis.

Minimise smoking.

Minimising the habit of smoking can considerably affect the size of your penis due to the blockage that small tobacco smoke particles create in the arteries that supply blood to the penis.

So generally, since smoking is associated with heart diseases, the flow of blood to several organs in the body gets affected including the penis.

Minimise your stress.

Stress and anxiety can also reduce the size of your penis. This happens as negative feelings cause blood to flow from the penis.

As a result, it becomes very difficult to increase the size of the organ. Another reason that can contribute to the small size of your penis may be sexual performance anxiety.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

For a healthy and long penis, you need to have fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants.

These elements are very helpful in fighting free radicals (elements that damage your body) that form in the blood vessels. Additionally, antioxidants also help in strengthening the blood vessels.


The best 4 penis enlargement foods 2023 according to study.

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Your article helped me a lot, thanks for the information. I also like your blog theme, can you tell me how you did it?

Your article helped me a lot, thanks for the information. I also like your blog theme, can you tell me how you did it?


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